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20 Years on the Gold Coast in the Tow Truck Industry and a Leader in our Field.

If you need support quickly, call us for the fast responsive towing services Gold Coast continues to trust. With new vehicles now in our fleet, we're kept busy as an Australian-owned company servicing the entire region, helping our customers resolve their issues from start to finish.

Moreover, we're proud to offer a competitive transport solution that acts as a reputable towing Gold Coast service, complete with the peace of mind that your asset gets from A to B unharmed.

Not Sure What We Can Offer with Our Cheaper Towing Gold Coast Services?

Our Gold Coast towing team is backed by vehicles that can cater to vehicles up to 6T. Able to carry ALL cars, vans, small trucks, boats, etc of up to 8 meters long, our wheel lift trucks can transport your vehicle at your request, anywhere you wish.

Alternatively, we can offer a storage facility or assist you with arranging repairs of damaged vehicles.

If your car is broken down or was in an accident and you are in need of towing Gold Coast experts, we are ready to help anywhere, anytime.

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Super Low Tilt Tray Fleet

The Super Low Tilt Tray Fleet makes Luxury Car Towing a Breeze.

Our towing Gold Coast fleet includes 6 tilt trays meaning we can handle literally any job in town at the right price and with extreme quality control.

When you care about quality and protection for the vehicles you are towing then you can't go past our full-size tilt tray trucks, especially if you're one of the prestige car retailers.

The best way of towing vehicles is with a full-size tilt tray truck.

Super low tilt tray fleet for luxury cars - Allcoast Towing

Low Access Height Tow Trucks


Our towing Gold Coast services include support for underground parking, basements, and low access height tow trucks.

Request one of our F350 wheel lift vehicles if your car requires towing from a basement.

Low height areas require low entry vehicles and the F350 tow truck is perfect for this application.

6 Tips For Selecting a Towing Company

Top 6 Tips for Selecting the Best Towing Company in Gold Coast

Many things can happen when you are driving, the car may get into a ditch, have a flat tire, break down, won't start or run out of fuel. Thus it is necessary to be fully prepared for such scenarios and have the number of a reliable and experienced Gold Coast towing company to call. 

Below are some useful tips which will help you in selecting the right company.

Tip #1: 24/7 Service Check whether they provide 24/7 service as you do not know when your vehicle is going to break down. It is possible that it breaks down late in the night and you need to make sure that the towing company is reachable at such odd hours.

Tip #2: Fleet of Trucks It would be important to know how many tow trucks your chosen professional service has in its fleet. If the company has just one tow truck then it is possible that when you need one, it is already engaged in another job.

You need to find a company with few trucks operating around the Gold Coast region.

Tip #3: Local Company  Using a local Gold Coast towing company will help you get faster response. Moreover, you will not like your car to be towed to some lot which is 80 km away. 

First of all, you will need to drive that distance to get your car and in addition to it, the cost per km will get added to the fees.

Tip #4: Choosing the Tow Truck  Generally there are two ways of towing a car; one where a chain is hitched onto car's drive train and the car is towed at a slant.

The other option is where the car is lifted on a flatbed surface to be towed evenly. Of the two, the second option is a better choice for your car. Chain towing can lead to serious damage to pinion and rack present on the underside of the car.

Pinion and rack keep the tires aligned and in case these get damaged then tires will become misaligned. Such misalignment will lead to serious wear of tire tread which in turn may lead to a dangerous blowout.

On the other hand, if a flatbed tow truck is used then the car is properly secured by placing the tires inside a groove to lock the vehicle in place.

Tip #5: License and Insurance Look for a Gold Coast towing company that has enough industry experience and is licensed as well as insured. This will ensure that the company will be to pay claims in case of any eventuality.

Tip #6: Do Your Research You need to check with your relatives and friends about the towing service they have used and whether they were satisfied. In addition to it, you need to check online reviews and complaints about the company you decide to select.

​We are ready with a fleet of tow trucks which contains 3 super tilt tray trucks to meet any requirement you may have.

All you have to do is call on our emergency contact number - 0418 712 916 for any kind of urgent booking or to get instant quote.

All coast towing, above and beyond what was required. I had a breakdown in lamington national park not an easy place to drive a truck up. James was fast professional and very helpful. From the moment I call Steve he was on the job and called me back with update and to check in. A remote breakdown can be stressful at the best of times but not with allcoast Towing. Even called up on the Monday to see how the car was going. Cheers guys very much appreciated.

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